Fruit Tree Grafting Demonstration

April 7 at 11:30am. Join a host of experts from the Metchosin Pomological Society, for this fun (and free), hands-on seminar as they demonstrate the techniques required to graft your very own fruit tree! Pears, apples, stone fruit, peaches, plums, cherries, almonds and more!

The Seminar

This seminar is presented in the greenhouse at Bilston by the Metchosin Pomological Society.

Derek Wulff, local Bee Rancher, expert gardener and Pomological master. He is sure to bring life and fun to his workshops, so you will learn a lot – and have a blast doing it!

Dan O’Connell, resident Pomological expert and gardener extraordinaire. He is president of the Metchosin Pomological Society and excited to share his passion with you.

Pear Tree
Apple Tree

Learn & Create

New to grafting? Purchase your root stock on site for $5 and learn from the experts as they guide you through each step of the process. Leave with a newly grafted tree (or two or three!) to plant at home.

If you have grafted before and want a rootstock or two, come by – bring some of your favourite scion wood for swapping and take home a heritage variety.

If you have a fruit tree at home already – take home some scion wood from the people who bring it and graft it to a fruit tree you have at home – Franken-tree!

We will have scion wood available for free, but if you have some of your own – please bring it along to share with others. Heritage varieties are most welcome.

This seminar is hosted by Metchosin Pomological Society, and we welcome anyone who is interested in trying their hand at grafting to come out. Kids are encouraged to join for a great educational experience. Pre-registration not required.

Rates & Details

Admission: Free
Root stock are $5.00 each. Available to purchase on-site.

April 7, 2023 from 11:30am – 2:00pm in the Bilston Greenhouse.
Registration not required.

Cherry Tree