Wild Paper Making Workshop

Bilston Creek Farm - Wild Paper Making Workshop

Immerse yourself in the seasons of Bilston Creek Farm with new learning opportunities. Our workshops are designed to inspire the creativity within by connecting you to the land, forest and sea. This farming inspired experience will educate your mind with hands on learning.

Bilston Creek Farm offers a close connection with nature while maintaining an elevated westcoast luxury experience.

Inspired by the French way of living – slowly, seasonally, and in good company. Workshops are led by local Metchosin friends, farmers, and artists.

Your Workshop Includes

Learn how to make paper out of natural, organic materials and put your paper waste to good use by turning it into beautiful, handmade, bespoke paper.

  • Plants, leaves, and lavender from the farm
  • A range of foraging tools and information on sustainable and responsible foraging
  • All the materials and equipment necessary to make your wild paper sheets
  • Knowledge and experience in paper making
  • Your hand made paper. Please note: Paper is too fragile to move when wet. Paper can be collected 4/5 days after the workshop from Bilston Creek Farm, or will be posted to you, whichever you prefer. Details for this will be collected on the day by Jess.
  • Paper and pen to document your paper making journey
Bilston Creek Farm - Wild Paper Making Workshop

Learn & Create

Jess Elwell is a qualified art teacher and nature enthusiast who has developed a passion for creating pieces that are focused on enriching the environment. Through her work she brings her love of nature and the arts together. Jess was born in Zimbabwe, went to university in England, and now lives on Vancouver Island with her family. Her passion for papermaking developed in university when she completed a degree in fine art. She spends her days hiking or beach combing, looking for treasures to make paper out of, drying and pressing flowers, and selling her products at markets in and around Sooke. Jess can also be found teaching art to Middle and High School students.

Jess is excited to work with you and to share her knowledge of:

  • Foraging for the best organic paper making materials
  • Recycling paper waste to make new paper
  • Experimenting with different methods of colouring the paper
  • Adding elements to create unique paper features
  • Pulping and preparing the materials
  • Making and drying paper sheets

Rates & Details

  • Total Cost: $90 + tax per person
  • DATE: April 6, 2024 from 1pm – 3pm in our cellar.
  • Limited to 12 participants for this workshop
    • Please bring warm, outdoor clothing and boots, a portion of the workshop will take place outside.
    • Workshop is suitable for people aged 12 years and above, of all abilities

For more information about booking see our Terms and Conditions.