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Lavender Harvest & Distillation Workshop


Lavender Harvest & Distillation Workshop


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Join us for a hands-on lavender harvest and distillation experience. 

In this workshop, we'll teach you how to harvest lavender to promote plant health, and demonstrate how we distill lavender for essential oil and hydrosol.

We'll begin by explaining how the distillation process works as we fill our alembic copper still with fresh cut lavender. You'll learn about the history of distillation while using traditional techniques that have lasted for centuries. We'll share how we harvest and distill lavender for quality and yield, and demonstrate how we create our field to bottle products.

While we wait for the still to heat up, we'll head down to the lavender field to practice harvesting lavender. You'll have a chance to take a tour of the farm or relax on the patio and enjoy some refreshments. 

At the end, everyone will take home a bottle of hydrosol that we extracted during the workshop and a bundle of dried lavender. 

Kids of all ages are welcome to join for free! 

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Wednesday August 28: 6-8:30pm (SOLD OUT)

Saturday August 31: 10-12:30pm (SOLD OUT)

Wednesday September 4: 6-8:30pm