Frequently Asked Questions

I have food sensitivities can I still come?

Yes, our kitchen will accomodate food sensitivies. We will send an intake form before the retreat to makes sure our menu is adapted for the guests needs. For extreme cases like celiac however, we are unable to guarantee a completely 100% gluten free kitchen. We will do everything we can to prevent contamination for all food allergies.

What if I get sick or something comes up, can I get a refund?

Full refunds will be provided up to 6 weeks prior to the event. At that point your initial payment of $500 will be non refundable. Unfortunately, due to non-recoverable payments that we must make in advance to secure the retreat we do not offer refunds, even in the case of covid. We are happy to move your initial payment forward to a future retreat date. Thank you for your understanding!

Can I bring my laptop?

This retreat will be held in a non digital space. You will have charging capabilities in your tent and can check your phone as needed but we recommend unplugging as much as possible to experience the full benefits of the retreat.

Are there any discounts?

We currently offer a discount of 25% to all health care practitioners as a thank you and a way to encourage the gift of self care. The full rate is based on double occupancy and we are unable to offer any other discounts at this time.

Can I come alone?

Yes, a solo retreat can do wonders for your connection to self care. When booking as a single guest you will share accommodations with another guest. Both of you will stay in an emperor bell tent with two twin beds. You will be paired with another solo guest who has similar intentions for the weekend. In previous retreats solo travellers have come away with a deeper connection to themselves and met other like minded friends along the way.

What is the food like?

Our menu is inspired by the French approach to food and wellness. We serve seasonal and locally sourced meals that are fresh, nutritous and presented with five star quality. We believe eating everything in moderation and in good company is the recipe for good health. You can expect local seafood, Metchosin grown meats, vegetarian options, fresh salads and fruit, desserts, charcuterie, green juices as well as wine. Each meal has a wine pairing but additional alcohol is not included in the retreat. Of course there are many dairy free, vegan and gluten free options as well so you can adjust your menu to match your intentions. Our menu is harvest inspired and there will be abundant and inspiring dishes at each meal. * Note: food is served in farm to table style and there is no food waste despite the abundant servings.*

What does bodywork entail?

Bodywork refers to the therapeutic massage, accupressure and/or cupping treatments that are included in your retreat package. Each bodywork treatment is tailored to your specific needs and involves a short consultation and a 60 min treatment with a registered practitioner.  

What if I've never done yoga before?

All movement and meditation practices are designed to be accessible for all levels of practitioners. The style of yoga is mostly restorative and yin (long, passive stretches practiced on the floor). You will be guided by a teacher who will provide modifications as needed for all bodies. If you are uncomfortable doing yoga or any other practices included in the retreat you are free to take down time, journal in the lounge, walk the forest trails, practice your own creekside meditation or even sleep in or nap. By immersing yourself in the restful atmosphere you will recieve the most benefits by following your body's needs.

I'm pregnant, can I come?

Absolutely. We have had pregnant people attend the retreat in the past and we are happy to provide modifications as needed in all practices. A retreat can often provide much needed self care and introspection before welcoming the baby.

Do I have to follow the retreat schedule?

The retreat schedule is intentionally designed to optimize the resorative benefits of the retreat. Although it is recommended, you are not obliged to follow the schedule. Tune in to what your body and mind needs most during the retreat. You can speak to our retreat co-ordinator at any time before or during the retreat to discuss the programming or any modifications you'd like to make.

Do I have to stay on the property for the whole duration of the retreat?

Yes, this retreat is an immersive experience and the intention is to connect you to yourself, the land, the forest and the sea. In the case of emergencies of course you may leave but we highly recommend disconnecting from your regular routines in order to experience the full benefits of the retreat.

Do I have to be silent during the retreat?

This is not a silent retreat. We will observe silence in the mornings before 8am as we will be offering a meditation walk. We also ask that you keep your conversation to a respectable level when walking near the massage, sauna and yoga spaces so that we can maintain a level of peace and quiet. These areas are located off to the edge of the property so it will be easy to maintain a quiet environment.

Do I need health and travel insurance? 

You will be participating in the yoga classes, hikes and workshops at your own risk and you must employ your own judgment as to which movements, positions, exercises and excursions are appropriate for your level of training, overall fitness and experience. All participants are required to have international health insurance that covers medical care and transport home if needed. Of course nobody books a retreat with the intention of cancelling it, but the pandemic has shown us that unexpected events do occur, so we suggest travel insurance that covers COVID related cancellations.

Any other questions?